Ahoy, and goodbye.  This will most assuredly be my last blog (well, not really, but go with me here), as I’ve just discovered that marketing is not my destiny.  No, my fate lies beyond the world of cubicles, beyond suits and briefcases, beyond land even.  You see my friends, the stars have aligned and shown me my true path: shipmate.

By now you’re probably wondering two things; “what is he talking about” and “why doesn’t The Gabriel Institute randomly drug test interns?”  Sadly, this is not the work of LSD or any other illegal substance, but rather a career test (which shall remain nameless).  Earlier today I was researching some of the options people can employ when attempting to choose a career path.  I was led almost immediately to the site-that-shall-not-be-named, asked three questions, and voila, sailor.  Now I have nothing against sailors or the occupation itself, but the idea of me as a sailor is beyond ridiculous.  But alas, it is my fate, so sail I shall (again, not really).

[If you did not read the post loudly with the swashbuckling accent of the Spongebob opening narrator, I ask that you kindly reread it in such a manner.]