While perusing the Internet in an attempt to learn more about social media marketing, I came across the craziest statement; apparently people don’t like it when a product blog is constantly used to push the product. Insane, right? But, just for kicks, I decided to try something different today. While Tools4Careers may be a great tool for careers, so is friendly advice. While I lack the experience to give advice in many facets of life, one thing I have done quite a bit is interview. Here are a few bits of advice that no one ever mentioned to me:

Spell Check isn’t smart enough to check all-caps.
Have you ever been on an interview where the interviewer pointed out a spelling error on your resume? I have! Lucky me! The format I chose for my resume uses all caps for the job title, which apparently spell check CN’T REED PROPRELY. Your best bet is to have someone else read through it first (if not several someone elses), paying close attention to all caps lines.

Too much of a good thing can be bad.
With a title like that, what I’m so obviously referring to couldn’t be any clearer: deodorant. If you’re anything like me, one of your biggest fears is being remembered as the interviewee who smelled. So again, if you’re like me, you apply deodorant at least 11 times before leaving for your interview. If so, stop; too much tends to make you sweat more, thereby creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Pick an eye.
This may just apply to me, as I find that I can be rather odd at times, but just in case… Everyone is always going on about how good eye contact can make you look confident and poised and so on. What they don’t mention is that when there’s only a desk separating you and the other person it can be hard to focus on their eyes, emphasis on the plural. Often when I’m thinking about eye contact, I realize I’ve been staring at just one eye, so I switch to the other (you know, so it doesn’t feel left out), and then occasionally switch back. While I’ve never tested this hypothesis, I can only assume this makes me look fairly shifty. You’re better off just picking an eye and sticking with it.

Do you have any other unconventional pearls of wisdom that you wish someone had told you before going on an interview?