In honor of Brian’s marriage to the lovely Stephanie, here are the five secrets of marital happiness.  If you’re reading this, you are probably more focused on career at this point in your life, but remember that balance is wonderful and you can learn a lot from being with a loving mate.

  1. Feel kindness toward each other and act on your feeling every day.
  2. Always think more highly of your partner than your partner does of him or herself.
  3. Keep a big store of the balms and bandages your partner prefers.
  4. When there are pebbles in your partner’s path, sweep them away quietly.
  5. Listen to the way your partner is talking, not just to the words.*

And, by the way, these could be useful for career relationships too.

*These originally appeared in Personal Excellence magazine in February of 2007.  If you want the rest of the article, leave a comment here!