Nick Corrato is a senior at Penn State Brandywine, on track to graduate in May 2012 with a B.A. in Corporate Communications. As a sports writer for The Lion’s Eye, his school newspaper, Nick combines an athletic background as a hockey player with his long-time love of writing. If things go as planned, he will find employment in the sports industry.

Seeking an internship at the The Gabriel Institute, Nick experienced TGI’s breakthrough ‘Role-Based Assessment’ technology. The assessment, which is designed to measure how people ‘team’ together, identifying his ‘Role’ as a ‘Communicator’ and ‘Action Former,’ in addition to being a ‘Coherent’ team-player. This confirmed his view of himself as a connector of people, and provided a lot of other insights.

Nick joined The Gabriel Institute in August of 2011, as a Public Relations/Communications intern, and was almost immediately engaged in creating a PR calendar, writing press releases, and communicating with media outlets. He hopes to contribute to TGI’s continuing growth, while learning as much as possible about the practice of public relations.


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