A Founder is an idea person.  They have a vision of what they want and know how to inspire people to accomplish the long-term goals of that vision.  Founders set the culture of a group and guide it into the future.  These individuals are often sought out for high-level executive positions.

Vision Mover

Vision Movers are creative people who take the vision and brainstorm ways to accomplish it.  They dream big, not restraining themselves with words like practicality.  It is this aspect that makes them especially successful when partnered with a Vision Former.  Vision Movers are often found in management, due to their aggressive leadership skills.

Vision Former

A Vision Former takes vague ideas and focuses them into something more productive.  They are heavily concerned with getting things done in a way that benefits the organization in the long-term.  While Founders may establish the general culture of a group, it is the Vision Former who sets team standards for behavior, ethics, and respect.  Vision Formers are also frequently found in management positions.

Action Mover

Action Movers are doers.  They have the determination to gather the necessary resources to get a job done, often without expecting praise.  Action Movers tend to be more hands-on, preferring to do things themselves rather than direct others.  They can often be found in middle management, and work best when paired with an Action Former.

Action Former

Action Formers keep people on track.  They evaluate the actions of others, find ways to overcome obstacles, and motivate those around them.  Action Formers are highly organized individuals who love lists and filing systems.  In an effort to make sure things run smoothly, Action Formers often learn the jobs of others, so that they are prepared for anything.


Explorers are a team’s ‘eyes and ears’.  Their external focus allows them to see opportunities and threats before others in the group.  Explorers can take the information they gather from outside the organization and develop plans for the next 2 to 5 years.  They partner best with a Watchdog.


Watchdogs take the limited resources of the company and distribute them where they can do the greatest good.  They are very resourceful and often feel protective of the team.   Watchdogs feel right at home in departments like finance and human resources.


Communicators focus on creating and maintaining good relationships throughout an organization.  Communicators are often well liked, but they are often misunderstood as lazy.  In reality, they perform a vital role by maintaining informal channels of communication, ensuring that information is properly disbursed.  They do well in sales, as well as customer service and supervision.


Conductors are problem solvers.  They deal with immediate problems as they arise, leaving others to worry about long-term strategies.  Conductors work best with Curators.


Curators are an organization’s keepers of wisdom.  They are drawn to history and seek to know more.  They have a knack for sifting through knowledge and determining what is worth remembering and what would be better forgotten.  They often go unnoticed, but they are valuable sources of information and advice.


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