Internships in today’s economy are getting harder and harder to come by.  As a result, many college students are turning to less legitimate job sources, even… Craigslist [cue dramatic music].  Every time a friend tells me that they’re looking for jobs on Craigslist, I am reminded of my first experience with the site.

I was looking for a marketing internship, and sure enough, Craigslist had one.  I applied and went for an interview.  The owner gave a vague description of his start-up marketing company that he ran out of his parent’s house.  The internship would be from home and sounded cool enough, so I took it.  I received no instructions or training, forcing me to ask questions every step of the way.  After a few weeks, I stopped receiving emails.  I immediately jumped to the conclusion that I had been a terrible marketing intern.  What else was I supposed to think?

Looking back, I can see two problems, neither one of which was my own ineptitude.  Firstly, I was working for a guy who thought it was appropriate to cold shoulder an intern.  More importantly, neither of us was aware of our Role.  I now know that I am a Vision Mover, and as such, I need a clear vision to work with in order to be successful.  While I learned absolutely nothing about marketing, I did come away with a newfound appreciation for the wise words of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who frequently reminded the WWE audience to “Know your role!”  Can you smell what the Rock is cookin’?