Thanks for that invitation to add more pearls of wisdom, Brian – and, of course, thanks for that great blog entry.  Here, from the other side of the desk is one for potential interviewees to consider.

What happens on the web does not stay on the web.  Read the results of the Microsoft Data Privacy Day study here to learn how HR finds out about your online reputation.

The one thing I didn’t see in the study is how those of us who are likely to be called by HR to get a reference check on you are influenced by what you put on the web about your time with us.

Hiring managers don’t look for the pictures of you and your friends downing your first keg and hurling on each other.  And they don’t read the long missives about how someone broke your heart and how you will never love again.  What they do follow are Google Alerts and TweetBeeps and such that let them know when their companies, products, and names appear on the web.  They like those to be accurate and when they aren’t, they remember.  And they pass that information around so anyone else in their company likely to be tagged for a reference for you knows you posted it.  It’s just like when you were a kid and your parents seemed to have a third eye on the back of their heads because they always knew what you were doing.

Moral of the story: Clear what you write with the people who will be called to verify it – BEFORE you post it!

They’re watching you.