It’s wonderful to hear about people landing a job these days, but even more so when they give credit to their Role-Based Assessment!

Got this email, forwarded from a friend who helped a man who went through Tools4Careers.  He wrote:

“By means of an update, I’ve landed with a great organization as their new Director of Projects in what I think will be a great fit.  I described the position to you briefly when we first spoke back in June and I remember your reaction was something along the lines of “Of course!” per my assessment results.

“I wanted to give you a quick thanks, as our conversations and my exposure to Role-Based Assessment really helped to shape the way I thought and talked about my job prospects and interests this summer.”

Would he have gotten the job without his RBA?  Maybe.  They rely a lot on resumes in that world, and I understand he had a good one.  Sounds like after his RBA, he aligned his words more with who he is rather than the typical parroting of the job requirements, and it worked.

Either way, it’s cause for celebration!