In the spirit of public service to those who are applying for jobs they never thought they would apply for – much less be thrilled to be hired for – and are confronted with some sort of ‘personality test,’ here’s some advice:

  • Choose the first answer that comes in your head. It’s probably the one that’s most correct.
  • Try to avoid committing to strong words or absolutes, like ‘never’ and ‘always.’ For instance: I have never taken anything from an employer. True or false? If you choose ‘true,’ the odds are you’re lying.
  • Consider the position you’re applying for. What are the three most important success factors?  If you say you aren’t good at them – or interested in them – you won’t score points.

Rightly or wrongly, companies that give these ‘personality tests’ to prospective employees are looking for a certain type of candidate. If you try to slant your answers, you may end up in a job that you’re not right for.  More important, if you can’t be yourself and get hired, maybe they’re not right for you.