The unemployment rate isn’t improving, it’s getting worse, especially for 20-somethings.  The headline article in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer,  Recession a Roadblock for Young Careers, cites 14% in the Philadelphia metro area as opposed to the overall national rate of 9.4.  Worse, unemployment among younger workers is rising at a faster rate than the overall rate.  And that doesn’t include newly-minted MBAs and newly-barred attorneys working as baristas.

So, for a great deal of people, especially those in their 20s, there will be three options for ‘job choice’:

  1. Do nothing. (This is also known as ‘live off your parents’.)
  2. Do something you really don’t want to do but that is in an industry that is hiring workers.
  3. Find some other people who want to do something, even if they don’t know what that is, and start dreaming something up.

It may take a few iterations before you get the team right, but it’s a start.  At the very least, you’ll have a story about exploring a new business to tell the next person who interviews you for a job you really want.